50+ Intervalos del sistema de salud estadounidense conmocionado al resto del mundo

    While the United States has largely considered itself as the greatest country in the world for the last few decades, the statistics tell us that there are areas where things can definitely be improved.

    In military might and defence spending the U.S. is undisputedly number one. But in other areas, more important aspects of human wellbeing such as education, life expectancy, happiness, gender y income equality and healthcare, there are more mixed results.

    The U.S. healthcare system in particular is a continuing source of bafflement for many, who are accustomed to a degree of protection against the double disaster of poor health followed by financial ruin.

    While American hospitals and medical facilities are world class, they are also incredibly expensive and available only to those able to afford them. We at Panda aburrido have compiled a list of examples that highlight the inadequacies of the current system, while polarised politicians continue to argue about their vision for its future. Scroll down to check them out below, and stay healthy over there in America, y’all.

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