20+ Times Shibas Proved Theyre The Most Much Wow Dogs Ever

    Many people first became familiar with the Shiba Inu from that ‘Dogememe that was everywhere for a while (very Shiba, much soft. Guau), but these lovable, eccentric Spitz dogs are actually a very old breed, that has developed quite independently from other common breeds of today.

    It is this that makes them seem so ‘weird.They are incredibly intelligent dogs that like to keep themselves fastidiously clean, and they have also learned to use their paws much more often than other breeds. In many ways they act more like a cat than a dog! This goes for their personality too, while they like having humans around, they don’t necessarily want or need your attention. You have gotta earn the respect of a !

    Sounds like the perfect pet for someone who can’t decide between a cat and a dog, derecho? Just make sure you keep your Shiba stimulated and well exercised, they can become quite destructive when bored. So while they are adorably cute, bright and funny, Shibas are not for everyone, be sure you know what you are doing before you get one!

    Mientras tanto, Estamos aquí, en Panda aburrido have compiled a list of Shiba Inus doing what they do best, being hilariously funny. Desplazarse hacia abajo para comprobar a cabo por sí mismo, y háganos saber lo que piensa en los comentarios!

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