Dungeon master takes D&D to the next level with DIY gaming table

    Some perfectionists will argue that Dungeons &&Dragons ought to be had fun with no technological aid whatsoever. Whatever your viewpoint, you’ve got to be impressed by this personalized D&D table.

    Redditor mike_pants is a dungeon master, and D&D fans are liking the table he developed for video gaming. It consists of 2 screens: a 40-inch Samsung wise TELEVISION in the middle of the table, linked to a touchscreen workstation on one side, which the DM can utilize to show project information and dream maps. By developing a $120 table around those 2 screens, he developed a special RPG project experience.

    Photo through mike_pants/ Reddit

    The images on the screens originate from Fantasy Grounds, an application for creating character sheets, maps, and other vital products for tabletop video games. It’s a more state-of-the-art variation of this amazing projector map we discovered a few years back, which digitally shows your RPG maps on a routine table.

    You can take a look at mike_pants’ procedure on Tumblr , however copycats be cautioned: This isn’t really a job for novices. The table needs a 2nd, load-bearing level for the main screen, so it’s more complex than simply slapping a table surface area onto 4 legs.

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