Dear doubters, B.o.B wants to prove the Earth is flat once and for all

    (CNN)Last year, rap artist B.o.B. utilized Twitter to get on the ‘flat Earth’ bandwagon , and it appears like he’s been riding it since.

    Earth’s curve is a huge contention for flat Earthers, who argue that if the earth was round, the “curve” would be more noticeable to the earthbound human eye.
    B.o.B.’s project states the strategy is to “introduce several satellites into area” in order to observe, and attempt to negate, what centuries of science and innovation have actually currently verified. All he requires is a little financial investment of $200,000 dollars (and launch approval, naturally).

      Show BoB The Curve .” By Monday afternoon it had actually acquired $255 and 105 shares on Facebook.

      Over the last couple of years, the works of Aristotle and Galileo have actually met armchair astronomers who think, like actually think, the Earth is flat.
      And recommendations by prominent celebs like Kyrie Irving , Tila Tequila and Sammy Watkin s keep pushing flat Earthers from the shadows.
      Between their Facebook and Twitter accounts, the Flat Earth Society has more than 100,000 fans– though an excellent part of them seem there to satirize the entire thing.

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