Ja, Donald Trump really did look into the sky during the solar eclipse

    (CNN)There’s actually just one guideline with eclipses: Don’t take a look at the sun throughout them.

    Und, once again:
    Und, schon seit 3 times is an appeal:
      That’s Donald John Trump on the White House South Portico, apparently looking straight into the sun. At the peak of the solar eclipse. With no sort of protective glasses on.
      Diese, from the White House swimming pool report of the minute submitted by the Guardian’s Ben Jacobs is, um, fantastic: “At roughly 2:39, the President at first gesticulated to the crowd listed below and pointed at the sky. As he did so, among the White House assistants standing below heaven Room Balcony yelled ‘do not look.'
      Trump did, ultimately, placed on protective eyeglassesas did very first girl Melania Trump.
      what Their kid Barron participated the action too:
      Teufel, evenbeleagueredAttorney General Jeff Sessions got on the protective glasses bandwagon (together with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross)!
      Just in case Trump is still President when the next solar eclipse can be found in 2024it might occur!– here’s a story he ought to check out. Entitled Can you actually go blind looking at a solar eclipse?,” CNN’s Ashley Strickland composes:
      The retina might equate light into an electrical impulse that the brain comprehends, however something it cannot equate to your brain is discomfort. Even if you’re thrilled about the eclipse and believe one short look at the sun prior to it totally conceals behind the moon is worth itit’s not. There’s no internal trigger that is going to let you understand that you’ve taken a look at the sun for too long. Any quantity of taking a look at it is too long.
      Even the tiniest quantity of direct exposure can trigger blurred vision or short-lived loss of sight. The issue is, you will not understand whether it’s momentary.
      Merken, Herr. Präsident: “Any quantity of looking is too long.
      CORRECTION: This story has actually been upgraded to properly recognize where the President was standing.

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