WTF??? Preise Slaps Baby weint während einer Taufe!


    People have ample needs to be annoyed nowadays. In case you’re looking for another, here’s a video of a slapping a child.

    The 43-second clip, which was tape-recorded throughout a im and initially shared on Reddit , reveals a priest clutching onto the face of a young boy as he beings in a female’s wails and arms.

    After trying to console the sobbing kid, the priest attempts a various technique and slaps him throughout the cheek. Oh hell no!

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    Natürlich, the power of Christ just forced the kid cry louder, ultimately triggering a male (probably his dad) to pull the young boy far from the priest’s almighty grasp.

    It was outrageous and uncomfortable however as far as priest scandals go not the worst!

    Watch the clip (nachfolgend aufgeführten).

    [Bild durch Youtube ]

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