Weatherman jokes the week’s highs will be 8-6-7-5-3-0-9, fools the web

    In the early , Tommy Tutone’s hit tune “867-5309/ Jennytriggered no little number of headaches for individuals who in fact had the contact number. The tune reached the number 4 area on the Billboard Hot 100 list, leading individuals to arbitrarily call up the number and request Jenny.

    Im 1982, Lorene Burns, (previously of 205/867 -5309), informed the Lakeland Ledger they would get calls at 2 oder 3 in the early morning requesting for Jenny. Her hubby, who was tough of hearing, would believe the caller was requesting for their kid and stateJimmy does not live here any longer.Burns was none too delighted with the band.

    I ‘d like to acquire his neck and choke him,” she informed the paper (Mrs. Burns made the typical error of believing Tommy Tutone was an individual, and not the name of the band, although she most likely would have gladly choked all the members).

    Almost 36 Jahre später, the tune is still triggering confusion. This time the confusion happened when Davenport, Iowa weatherman Eric Maitland published the digits as the day’s highs, as a joke on Facebook .