Waterslide Designers Charged With MURDER After Boy’s Decapitation!

    You might remember in August of 2016 among the most scary things we’ve ever reported. Now we might lastly see some justice.

    A 10-year-old kid called Caleb Schwab (above) war beheaded while riding the Verrckt waterslide at Kansas City’s Schlitterbahn Water Park .

    Scott und Michele Schwab reached a settlement with the park in a wrongful death claim, today the designers and owners are dealing with major criminal charges.

    Video: Mourning Parents Reveal Final Words To Their Son

    Last Friday, previous Schlitterbahn director Tyler Austin Miles was arraigned on uncontrolled murder charges. He pleaded innocent.

    But a few of his associates are now dealing with even worse.

    In another indictment unsealed am Dienstag, slide designers John Timothy Schooley und Jeffrey Wayne Henry (a park co-owner whohas no technical or engineering qualifications”) were accuseded of careless 2nd degree murder. Henry &&Sons Construction Company, Inc. was likewise called in the indictment, which declares:

    In location of mathematical and physics computations, they hurried forward relying nearly totally on unrefined experimental techniques.

    Before Caleb’s terrible trip there obviously various other major injuries avoided the general public.

    Local news station KCTV5 got their hands on a list:

    Beeindruckend. And they still let kids ride

    The indictment likewise states there is video footage of the event, which it shows Caleb followed all rider directions. There were 2 adult ladies riding with him; they likewise suffered injuries.

    Sounds like these charges are warranted.

    As of this writing, Henry has actually been jailed, however Schooley is not yet in custody.

    [Image through KCTV5/ zwitschern ]

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