UK ‚wird nicht Todesstrafe Block für IS-Duo’

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    Bildbeschreibung Alexanda Kotey (left) and El Shafee Elsheikh were recorded by Syrian Kurdish forces

    The UK would not oppose using the capital punishment if 2 supposed Islamic state members were extradited to the United States, the house secretary states.

    In a letter dripped to the Telegraph , Sajid Javid stated he would look for no guarantees about the sentences.

    Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh, from west London, were caught in Syria in January.

    Labour stated the UK had actuallyunilaterally desertedits opposition to the death sentence.

    For years Britain looked for guarantees from foreign federal governments that the capital punishment would not be utilized in cases where the UK supplied info or extradited suspects.

    Number 10 stated it wasan enduring position of the federal government to oppose the death sentence in all situations as a matter of concept”.

    But it included that in this case it wasa top priority to make sure that these males deal with prosecution”.

    The PM knew the letter and conversations with the United States on this concern were continuing, Number 10 angegeben.

    Das 2 males are implicated of being the last 2 members of an IS foursome calledThe Beatles due to the fact that of their British accents.

    Earlier this year, in an interview with Associated Press, they grumbled that they would not get a reasonable trial since the UK federal government had actually removed them of their British citizenship .

    The BBC’s security reporter Frank Gardner stated a senior British federal government authorities informed him that this case was not the very first time that the UK had actually dropped its ask for guarantees that the death sentence would not be utilized.

    But our reporter stated if the set were sent out to the questionable United States penal institution Guantanamo Baywhere suspects have actually been apprehended without trialthe UK would keep intelligence.

    It’s got a lot: the Metropolitan Police has actually invested 4 years collecting intelligence on them,” er erklärte.

    In the letter to Jeff Sessions, datiert 22 Juni 2018, Mr Javid composed that the UK would not look forguaranteesover the death sentence in this specific case, however stated it did not mark a modification in UK policy.

    I am of the view that there are strong factors for not needing a death sentence guarantee in this particular case, so no such guarantees will be looked for,” er erklärte.

    But the previous independent customer of terrorism legislation, Lord Carlile, explained the letter as “bemerkenswert”.

    We do not extradite individuals to nations where there is a capital punishment unless there is a guarantee the capital punishment will not be performed,” he informed the BBC.

    This a unilateral modification of policy with no assessment and I would be impressed if this had actually been authorized clearly by the prime minister.

    BBC Radio

    Who are the IS suspects?

    By Frank Gardner, BBC security reporter

    Four years on from the summer season when IS jihadists in Syria published their gruesome beheading videos the implications of those actions continue.

    Hostages who made it through captivity in the hands of IS have actually mentioned a gang of 4 western jihadists nicknamed the Beatles.

    None of them brought any military abilities to the battleground yet they were stated to have actually been especially vicious in their treatment of western detainees.

    The United States and Britain think that the staying 2 members of the gang are Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheik,.

    After apparently being removed of their UK citizenship by the Home Office, they have actually remained in a legal limbo considering that being caught by Syrian Kurdish forces in January.

    Relatives of previous captives are very eager to see them deal with trial for their declared criminal offenses.

    BBC Radio

    Shami Chakrabarti, Labour’s shadow chief law officer, stated Mr Javid hadcovertly and unilaterally deserted Britain’s opposition to the death sentenceand seemed motivatingthis serious human rights abuse”.

    house secretary Bild copyright unknown/HO through Met Police, Kotey, Handout
    Bildbeschreibung Left to right: Mohammed Emwazi, Aine Davis, Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh

    Diane Foleywhose boy James, an American reporter, was beheaded by the IS cell in Syria in 2014 – informed BBC Radio 4’s Today program that she wasextremely versusthe capital punishment for the set.

    I believe that will simply make them martyrs in their twisted ideology,” sie erklärt.

    I would like them held responsible by sending them to jail for the rest of their lives.

    And Amnesty International called Mr Javid’s choice adeeply distressing advancement”.

    Former house secretary and Labour peer Lord Blunkett alerted that Mr Javid might be setting a precedent.

    He informed BBC Radio 4’s The World At One program: “Once you have made an exception, then where do you go? The house secretary making specific choices on private cases is a really, extremely bad concept.

    A spokesperson for Theresa May stated: “The choice was taken by the house secretary and the previous foreign secretary following the recommendations of authorities and attorneys. The PM was informeded of the choice.

    Asked a number of times whether the prime ministerauthorized ofthe choice, the spokesperson duplicated that Mrs Mayknewof it and stated: “We are continuing to engage with the United States on this problem.

    Kotey and Elsheikh were members of the IS cell with 2 others from west LondonMohammed Emwazi, nicknamedJihadi John”, and Aine Davis.

    The group were radicalised in the UK prior to taking a trip to Syria, where they ended up being notorious for their executions of Western captives.

    Emwazi, who appeared and was the supposed ringleader in videos revealing captives being beheaded, was eliminated by a drone strike in 2015.

    Davis was founded guilty of being a senior IS member and was imprisoned in Turkey in 2015.

    Kotey and Elsheikh were caught by members of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in January.

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