Twitter Slams Ivanka Trump Nachdem Sie Dank-Vati für die Beendigung Politik stellte er

    Now that President Donald Trump has actually signed an executive order to stop household separations through a huge growth of detention of moms and dads and kids, his child Ivanka Trump is lastly discussing the scandal.

    Aber, natürlich, es’ s to applaud her papa instead of bury him for an issue he developed.

    Ivanka Trump, a senior White House advisor, has actually been visibly quiet about the separation of households along the U.S.-Mexico border, though she was supposedly advising her daddy to end the practice .

    After Trump signed the order Wednesday, his child composed a tweet thanking him for it.

    As may be anticipated, lots of people on Twitter had issues with her post.

    Others had concerns. Pointed concerns.

    Some individuals had ideas.

    Endlich, Bravo talk program host Andy Cohen used a little suggestions.