Trump Looked Directly At The Sun During The Solar Eclipse And Now Twitter Is Dead

    took a look at the sun throughout the solar eclipse on Monday, Aug. 21, since of course he did. This is a male who’s stated environment modification was a scam developed by the Chinese. You believe he completely paid attention to the cautions from professionals about the damage looking at the sun could do to your eyes? No chance. That’s not how Trump rolls he resides on the edge. There are a great deal of tweets about Trump taking a look at the sun throughout the image and the eclipse appears to be the web’s preferred brand-new thing. Staring at the sun throughout a solar eclipse can do severe, irreversible damage to your eye. There manied cautions it’s the last thing anybody ought to do throughout the eclipse. Trumpf, trotz dessen, obviously didn’t feel the have to show care as he delighted in the eclipse along with his partner and boy. The president was obviously using protective glasses in the beginning , however eventually chose to take them off, inning accordance with video footage from . This was not an extremely smart choice. With that stated, you can barely blame individuals on for how they responded.

    Twitter is definitely consumed with this picture of Trump taking a look at the sun throughout the eclipse.


    Some are cutting the president some slack, offered they looked at the sun without the correct protective glasses.


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    But so we are clear on this, looking straight at the sun is never ever great for your health. This is not FAKE NEWS nor is it a scam produced by the Chinese or any of America’s other geopolitical enemies. With that stated, if you took a fast peek at the solar eclipse today, do not beat yourself up. Sie most likely did not go blind . The president did it so you have an excellent reason (however the president is likewise presently Donald Trump, so yeah).