Trump Fans Are Calling Out Obama’s Reaction To Katrina But There’s One Major Catch

    Twelve years earlier on Aug. 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina made landfall and went on to ravage . This anniversary comes as Donald Trump is confronted with damage in und from Hurricane Harvey. Natürlich, individuals are tweeting about President Barack Obama’s reaction to Katrina and comparing it to Trump’s reaction to Harvey.

    There’s simply one, um, type of significant concern with that contrast. You see, Katrina occurred in 2005. Obama ended up being President of the United States in 2009. Gut, you see, Präsident ’s action to Hurricane Katrina actually does not exist since Obama was not president throughout Katrina. Are we clear on that?

    Apparently an entire lot of Trump fans (or a minimum of Obama haters) are truly, actually unclear on that. Throughout Tuesday, tweets have actually been appearing declaring that Obama’s reaction to Katrina was awful which Trump’s doing a much better task than Obama maded with Katrina. Tweets are likewise declaring that Obama was playing golf throughout Hurricane Katrina.

    Nochmal, let’s clarify: Obama was not president when Hurricane Katrina struck. That typhoon’s action was mishandled by the administration of George W. Bush. Ich schlage vor, at the minimum, do not you all keep in mind ’s entire George Bush does not appreciate black individuals renowned minute? That had to do with Hurricane Katrina and then-President Bush.

    Some folks (who might, in truth, be bots, and not living folks), plainly do not bear in mind that well sufficient:


    There are lots of people reacting to fix the record on tweetsthat have actually because been erased, and great deals of individuals stating their tweets about Obama and Katrina were satirical.


    Und, once again, there are great deals of these dumb tweets originating from exactly what seem bots. As April Reign points out, bots have impact. Obama haters searching for more needs to dislike Obama will see those bots ‘tweets, unknown they’re bots, and believe the details is genuine.


    That’s Fake News, my buddies.


    Damit, with that in mind, I’m going to duplicate the Real News: Barack Obama was not president when Hurricane Katrina struck. It is difficult to compare President Obama’s action to Katrina to President Trump’s reaction to Harvey.

    inzwischen, this entire Fake News concept that Obama messed up with Hurricane Katrina isn’t really a brand-new thing. EIN 2013 survey revealed that a 3rd of Louisiana Republicans blamed Obama for the federal government’s unsuccessful action to Katrina.

    So one more time, state it with me now: Obama was not president when Hurricane Katrina struck.