Trump actually looked directly into the solar eclipse without glasses

    Präsident Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump took in Monday’s overall solar eclipse from the White House’s Truman Balcony, using protectiveeclipse glasses.Using them the majority of the time, jedenfalls.

    At one point, Trump appeared to search for at the sun with the glasses off, something specialists have actually been cautioning for weeks can trigger serious eye damage .

    Don’t look,”an assistant screamed from listed below as Trump raised his eyes towards the sun, inning accordance with Wall Street Journal press reporter Ted Mann:

    No one might have anticipated that the leader of the complimentary world would do something so uncharacteristically silly. Specifically two times, as this video from NBC programs. (He did it as soon as without his boy Barron beside him, as the Ted Mann tweet revealed, and another time with Barron in the frame, seen listed below.)

    Oh, wait, somebody did forecast it.

    id state theres about a 50 % possibility this takes place later on

    -- leon (@leyawn) August 21, 2017

    Guy with Twitter jokes Leon Chang put the opportunities of Trump looking at the eclipse, perhaps even going blind at the same time, beim 50 percent today. When he heard that the president had, in Wirklichkeit, peered at the sun without eye defense, he reacted, "fucking lmao."

    Fucking lmao. If there's one thing we've found out from the Trump presidency, it's that Donald does exactly what he desires, and everybody else-- even his own consultants-- simply has to deal with it.