Thousands attend Stonehenge solstice


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    Medien caption A authorities drone was utilized to movie the summer season solstice crowd at

    Thousands of individuals collected at Stonehenge for the summer season solstice, as the sun increased amidst clear skies.

    Über 9,500 individuals were at the Neolithic monolith to welcome the start of the longest day of the year, Inning gemäß .

    The sun appeared behind the Heel Stone at 04:52 BST to cheering and applause from the crowd.

    The summertime solstice is among the unusual celebrations that English Heritage opens the stones for public gain access to.

    As with in 2015’s occasion, Wiltshire Police validated it had actually stepped up security with armed cops on patrol.

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    Bildbeschreibung Thousands showed up to see the daybreak
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    Bildbeschreibung Many of those who went to used vibrant clothing

    Although thousands went to the solstice, the force stated 3,500 less individuals concerned see the daybreak compared to 2017.

    Supt Dave Minty, Wiltshire Police’s over night leader, stated behaviour at the stones wasdazzling”, without any arrests made.

    The dawn was incredible, and we do not see a number of those,” er eingeschlossen.

    People appear to have actually adjusted actually well to the increased level of security and they’ve been actually client with it.

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    English Heritage’s director of Stonehenge, Kate Davies, stated the solstice was among thehighlights of the year”.

    It’s a fantastic chance for households and pals to come together and mark the longest day of the year, as individuals have actually provided for countless years,” sie erklärt.

    There was a charming, friendly environment throughout, the sun shone, and dawn was met loud cheers.

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    Bildbeschreibung Some individuals practiced yoga workouts at the circle

    On the summertime solstice, the sun increases behind the Heel Stone, the ancient entryway to the stone circle, and sunshine is carried into the centre of the monolith.

    It is thought that solstices have actually been commemorated at Stonehenge for countless years.

    The website holds unique significance for members of the neighborhood, who carry out routines and events at the summertime and winter season solstices.

    Hundreds of individuals likewise took pleasure in the solstice at the neighboring Avebury stone circle, where Wiltshire Police Chief Constable Kier Pritchard explained it as acharming household occasionwith afavorable spirit”.

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    Bildbeschreibung People likewise delighted in the solstice at Avebury stone circle
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    Bildbeschreibung The daybreak was likewise commemorated at Wiltshire’s other well-known ancient stone circle, Avebury
    Druid and Pagan Bild copyright Getty Images
    Bildbeschreibung Hundreds likewise commemorated the solstice at Avebury
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