‘They have nothing to lose. We do’: Australia struggles with extremist threat

    Sydney, Australia (CNN)For many young Australians, the violence and extremism of Syria feels a world away. For a small minority, ISIS puts in an effective attraction, leading a substantial however little number to head to the Middle East to take up arms.

    And while the de facto capital of the self-described ISIS caliphate is more than 8,000 miles (13,000 kilometers) from Sydney, the homicidal group’s reach is acutely felt hereas Australia reels from exactly what authorities state was a directly prevented, ISIS-assisted plot to lower an airplane.
    For some, the ISIS connection is instant and genuine.
    “ich verstehe 2 good friends, 2 individual buddies of mine who took a trip to combat for ISIS,” states a 20-year-old college student who asks to stay confidential, from security issues.
    One was my friend from main school, the other person I saw at the health clubhe was extremely near my brother-in-law.
        Police interfere with terrorist plot in Australia

      Hundreds abroad

        Counter-terrorism specialists like Greg Barton, chair of Global Islamic Politics at Deakin University, think the figures might be even greater. He approximates as numerous as 260 Australians might have taken a trip to the area, the majority of whom have actually used up arms with ISIS.
        While the Muslim population in Australia is fairly little, a research study in 2015 from the National Bureau of Economic Research recommended the nation ranks extremely in contrast to other English-speaking countries when it concerns the variety of ISIS foreign fighters per Muslim population.
        Hass Dellal, executive director of the Australian Multicultural Foundation, states neighborhoods have to supply a much more powerful counter-narrative around the appeal of groups like ISIS.

          The males had actually remained in direct contact with a senior ISIS leader who sent out bomb parts to them in the Sydney suburban areas, authorities declare.