Der Kindle Voyage ist nicht mehr verfügbar bei Amazon

    Das Kindle Voyage disappears. Das is presently not available through , as kept in mind by a couple of websites . You can still get a refurbed variation through the seller, however listings for the brand-new design note that,” [t] his product is just offered from third-party sellers.

    validated that the item is not offered with Amazon, which kept in mind, “ that client action to Voyage has actually been exceptionally favorable and weve offered out. ” While Amazons choosing not to reveal any more details, if there was a refresh en route, the business likely would have kept in mind as much on the website as is its customized.

    All of this most likely implies theres either brand-new design on the method or, more than likely, the Voyage has actually been sunset. The gadget was initially presented in 2014 as a thinner, lighter and usually more exceptional variation of the popular reader. The arrival of the greater end Oasis 2 Jahre später, trotz dessen, has actually made the item a bit redundant.

    The culling of the line was most likely a bit past due, tatsächlich. Amazons the by far in dedicated , however even without the Voyage in the lineup, Dort’ s a lot of range to be had in a still relatively narrow area.

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