Terry Crews QUITS Expendables 4 Nach Over Prozess wegen sexueller Belästigung bedroht!

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    Not just is he a huge, sturdy hulk of a male, he’s likewise among the sweetest, most genial celebrities around.

    But all some individuals see is the bottom line, we think. Since Terry states he was threatened by an Expendables 4 manufacturer

    In his Congressional testament about the Survivors Bill Of Rights, das Brooklyn Nine-Nine star states Avi Lerner If he didn’t drop his match, called his supervisor and threatened to fire him from the upcoming follow up.

    Crews informed Congress the danger sufficed for him to take out of the franchise. He likewise mentioned that Lerner’s business, Millennium Films , is likewise under examination. Er erklärte:

    Abusers safeguard abusersand this is something I needed to choose, whether I was going to fix a limit on.

    See his brave testament (nachfolgend aufgeführten):

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