Shock as rare ‘malevulture lays egg

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    Bildbeschreibung Harold the griffon vulture shocked wildlife structure personnel by laying an egg

    A bird of victim believed to be male for the previous 25 years has actuallyflabbergastedpersonnel at a wildlife sanctuaryafter laying an egg.

    Harold the griffon vulture has actually ended up beingincredibly importantto her decreasing types after the discovery at Eagle Heights in Kent, on Thursday.

    in Eynesford, , included: “It’s insane. We’re going to do whatever we can now to discover her a male partner.

    The birds hardly ever lay eggs in captivity.

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    Bildbeschreibung Harold is not a fan of heights, however she does extend her wings periodically

    Mr Ames, 31, stated the types, which is discovered in and parts of the , ist “on the edge of termination”. He is wanting to reproduce Harold and launch her chicks into the wild.

    The birds mate for life so Mr Ames is browsing throughout for a male suitor.

    Identity crisis

    The only method to discriminate in between female and male griffon vultures is through DNA screening, which was performed in Tenerife when Harold was a chick.

    The outcomes returned as male however Mr Ames stated the tests for birds are just around 80% precise, and most likely less so offered it was done years earlier.

    Her sex had actually not been questioned prior to as this is her very first egg. It was laid while she is investing her very first winter season in an aviary, rather of carrying out in bird of victim display screens.

    Mr Ames stated: “She’s just truly been around people, so she may discover a male bird a bit complicated initially, however it’s such excellent news. We need to pursue her.

    She’s such a huge character here, and a genuine favourite. Harold ended up being referred to as the only bird of victim with a worry of heights.

    She took a long period of time to fly, as well as now, hardly ever exceeds 2 foot off the ground.

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    Bildbeschreibung Harold normally invested the winter season at bird of victim display screens, however had this one off

    The concern of whether to relabel Harold is still being discussed.

    The non-profit Eagle Heights has around 120 birds and has actually been running simply over 21 Jahre.

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