Segways whacky neue Rollenschuhe kosten $399

    Did you understand Segway is making a set of self-balancing roller shoes? It is! The business has actually been playing with all sorts of brand-new type aspects considering that it was obtained by Ninebot in 2015 , from half-sized Segways to kick scooters. Next up: inline platform things.

    Called the Drift W1s, they sorta appear like exactly what would occur if you took a hoverboard (as in the stylish 2016 hoverboard-that-doesn’t-actually-hoverhoverboard, not ’s hoverboard), divided it in 2 and plopped one half under each foot.

    It launched a video showing the shoes a couple of weeks back. Simply enjoying it makes me seem like I’ve bruised my tailbone, since I’m awkward as hell.

    Pricing and schedule was kept under covers at the time, however the business has actually simply launched the information: a set will cost you $399, and ship at some point in August. Oh, and they’ll feature a complimentary helmet, due to the fact that you’ll most likely wish to use a helmet.

    A brand-new item page likewise sheds some light on a couple of other formerly concealed information: each system will weigh about 7.7 Pfund, and peak at 7.5 miles per hour. Riding timedepends upon riding design and surface,” however the business approximates about 45 minutes of riding per charge.

    I anticipate attempting these then understanding I have definitely no concept ways to leap off and simply riding permanently into the sundown.

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