Robert De Niro’s Trump comments at Tony Awards go viral


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    The age-old star wound up getting bleeped Sunday night at the Tony Awards when he dropped some f-bombs about President Donald Trump while presenting an efficiency by Bruce Springsteen.
    “Zuerst, I wan na state, ‘f ** k Trump,'” De Niro stated. “It’s not ‘Down with Trump,’ it’s ‘f ** k Trump.'
        The remarks, which were not censored in the Australian telecast, made De Niro a standing ovation from the crowd at New York’s Music Hall and stirred discussion on .
        Robert De Niro is my preferred ,” artist jokingly tweeted.
        But not everybody was a fan of the star speaking his mind.
        No matter who the President is or what your politics, this habits is not simply improper for this (or any) occasion; it’s juvenile &&dumb, even psychopathic,” tweeted. “And yet it was consulted with a standing ovation. These snobs believe this is in some way bold.
        It’s not the very first time De Niro has actually spoken up versus Trump.
        In January his speech at the National Board of consisted of a profanity-laced rand about the President.
        Our baby-in-chiefthe j ***-off-in-chief, I call himhas actually put journalism under siege, mocking it and aiming to challenge it through outrageous attacks and lies,” De Niro stated. “”This f *** ing moron is the President. It’s ‘The ’s New Clothes’the person is a f *** ing foolour baby-in-chiefthe ‘J ******-in-chiefI call him.

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