Rising seas: ‘Florida is about to be wiped off the map

    In an extract from her new book Rising, Elizabeth Rush explains the threat from sea-level rise, welche, for millions of Americans, is about to get very real, very quickly


    ichn 1890, just over six thousand people lived in the damp lowlands of south Florida. Since then the wetlands that covered half the state have been largely drained, strip malls have replaced Seminole camps, and the population has increased a thousandfold. Over roughly the same amount of time the number of black college degree holders in the United States also increased a thousandfold, as did the speed at which we fly, the combined carbon emissions of the Middle East, and the entire population of Thailand.

    Über 60 of the regions more than 6 million residents have gathered in the Cox Building at the University of Miami on a sunny Saturday morning in 2016 to hear Harold Wanless, or Hal, chair of the geology department, speak about sea level rise. Nur 7% of the heat being trapped by greenhouse gases is stored in the atmosphere, Hal begins. Do you know where the other 93% lives?

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