Menschen, die mit Tieren arbeiten teilen ihre Netteste Fotos, Und wir können nicht genug erhalten

    Have you ever considered volunteering at an animal shelter? Millions of animals are in need of love and attention, and most of all, a new home! Volunteers are vitally important to shelters, many of which are overstretched and underfunded.

    We here at Bored Panda compiled a list of pics taken by volunteers, so you can see just how sweet it is to be surrounded by fluffballs while at work. After seeing these, you’ll definitely be inspired to go and help out. Don’t be fooled though, as appealing as spending time with animals may be, you will be asked to do all kinds of tasks. From admin and fundraising to cleaning the poop out of the kennels, there is much more to it than cuddling puppies!

    Scroll down below to check out the pics for yourself, and for more info you can check out Hier und Hier.

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