Patrick Stewart returns to Star Trek with a new Picard-centric series


    Well played, All Access. Well played.

    might be the greatest home CBS owns, and now a brand-new Trek series is coming starring Sir as soon as again as his Next Generation Geschäft , . Just like Star Trek: Discovery, it’s going to be a CBS All Access-exclusive series.

    That should bring a couple of brand-new customers in.

    There are numerous disputes over which Trek series is best. (The just right response is Deep Space Nine, please do @ me.) There’s little argument over Stewart being one of the finest and most popular stars in general.

    There’s very little information on the series yet, though a tweet from the main Star Trek Twitter account notes that itinforms the story of the next chapter in Picard’s life.

    Speaking in a surprise look on Saturday at Trek convention, Stewart warned that it’s still early days for the series. He stated fans can look forward to seeing exactly what a post- Next Generation presence suggests for Picard.

    He might not be a Captain any longer. He might be somebody who has actually been altered by his experiences,” Stewart stated (h / t Star Trek Twitter ). “We have no scripts as. Wir’ re simply talking stories. It will be something extremely various however it will concern you with the very same enthusiasm.

    Stewart likewise shared his ideas on the news in a more official declaration published to social networks.

    I anticipate dealing with our dazzling imaginative group as we strive to bring a fresh, significant and unforeseen story to life once again.

    Intriguing words to end on. Make it so, CBS.

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