Netflix hat eine stumpfe Nachricht für die FCC im Zuge der Netzneutralität Aufhebung

    For those who question whether Netflix wants to eliminate to keep net neutrality in location, the streaming giant has actually made itself clear. Es’ s ready to litigate to fight the Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ).

    Less than a month after 3 members of the reversed net neutrality , which makes sure that web traffic is dealt with similarly, the Internet Associationa trade association that represents web business in public lawstated in a declaration that it prepared toserve as an intervenor in judicial action versus this order.

    Netflix was a bit more blunt about its intents.

    Though Netflix has actually long been an advocate of net neutrality, it has actually likewise been implicated of going back from the battle , specifically given that its end up being a streaming giant and since it can pay for to pay whatever it has to have the fastest broadband service. CEO Reed Hastings stated at a conference this summertime that, “ Wir ’ re huge enough to get the offers we desire. ”

    But Netflix maintained the pressure after the FCC voted along celebration strategies to reverse net neutrality (3 Republicans voted to end it; 2 Democrats voted to keep it).