Melania Trump will nicht dein Mitleid für sie ‚Junge artigen’ Mann

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    Good fucking lord, Melania.

    The very first woman made a surprise check out zu , on Thursday to check out shelters and centers for immigrant kids at the United States border. Pre-arrival, trotz dessen, she did something so deeply strange that it would most likely get cut from a motion picture script for beingtoo impractical.

    Here, fellow void-screamers, is the option Melania made. Prior to Melania boarded her aircraft to an center of the United States migration crisis, she decided to place on a coat that checks out, in massive letters: “I actually do not care, do u?”

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    As the Daily Mail reported , the coat is from Zara, it’s offered out, it costs $39, blah blah, who cares. That does not matter.

    (Das Mail, bless their hearts, likewise consisted of a timelessget the appearancearea in their short article; trotz dessen, we would warn versusgetting the appearanceunder these specific situations.)


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    The very first woman’s did release a remark statingIt’s a coat. There was no surprise message.Exactly what matters here is the ramification, unintentional or not, that First Lady Melania Trumptruly [ does not] careabout exactly what she’s doing todaygetting a direct take a look at the inhumane and dreadful truths for kids and households at the border. It’s callous, it’s gross, and it’s incredibly bad optics.

    Auf der anderen Seite, exactly what else can we anticipate from this goat rodeo of an administration?

    Maybe you wish to offer Melania the advantage of the doubt today. Possibly, you believe, she didn’t inspect the back of the coat prior to she put it on. Perhaps she believed she was simply using a great, green military coat.

    Maybe! I think that might be real. I actually do not caredo u?

    Aktualisieren: inzwischen, here’s Trump’s incredibly bad take:

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