Megachurch pastor receives standing ovation for admitting to ‘sexual incidentwith teen girl

    A Memphis lady states she is ravaged after a megachurch pastor who molested her as a teenager was praised by his churchgoers for excusing theoccurrence.

    Früher in diesem Monat, Jules Woodson stated pastor Andy Savage sexually attacked her while driving her house from their Houston church in 1998. Woodson, who was 17 years of ages at the time, declared Savage pulled her aside and started molesting her, then pled her not to inform anybody.

    But this November, nach Matt Lauer was fired from NBC for supposed sexual misbehavior, Woodson was influenced to challenge Savage over e-mail, asking him if he kept in mind sexually attacking her. After Savage chose not to respond, Woodson chose to go public with the accusations.

    Since then, Savage has actually confessed to the occurrence. And this previous Sunday, he informed his parish at Highpoint Church, a megachurch in Memphis, that heregretfullyhad asexual occurrencewith Woodson. Diese, er erklärte, made him feel guilty and led him toaccept complete dutyfor his habits.

    In reaction, Savage got a standing ovation from the parish, with Highpoint’s lead pastor Chris Conlee worrying that his audience does not need toselect a sidein between Woodson and Savage.

    Our obligation is that we need to take God’s side,” Conlee stated to his parish . “Now exactly what is God’s side? Does God desire us to slam individuals? Does he desire us to slam Andy and discount rate what forgiveness, repentance, and confession is everything about, and about the fruit that remains in keeping with that?”

    Savage thought the supposed sexual attack washandledin the past. Even in his apology, it’s clear he isn’t really being entirely upcoming. He calls the supposed attack asexual occurrence,” never ever as soon as detailing how he particularly damaged Woodson. And while Savage tensions that he requested forgiveness from both Woodson, her household, and Savage’s church in Texas, Woodson rather declares that Savage never ever clearly admitted to the attack to Woodson’s mom. And she states the church motivated her to stay quiet so pastors might handle the issue within the church.

    In einem Interview mit das New York Times, Woodson called the standing and wept ovation, which there is video published on the church’s YouTube page, “horrible.She stated that she has actually considering that reported the molestation to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department, although Texasstatute of constraints might avoid the scenario from ever being dealt with.

    I simply hope that by me stepping forward that I would provide guts to another individual,” Woodson described to the Times. “Tut es nicht’ t matter if I was his only victim. What matters is that this was a huge issue and continues to go on.

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