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    Medien caption The previous England rugby gamer informs 5 live that having Lyme Disease wasseriously crippling

    When previous England rugby gamer was bitten by a tick in a London park early in 2015, it triggered a bacterial infection to spread out through his body.

    I had 2 days where I felt terrible. Really feverish, on the couch, crashed out,” er erklärte.

    Eventually he went to medical facility where he was identified with Lyme illness:

    It was a truly frightening time for me and my household. Such a small animal triggered me to wind up requiring heart surgical treatment.

    Lyme illness is a bacterial infection, handed down to human beings by contaminated ticks.

    While it is challenging to approximate the overall variety of UK cases, they are comprehended to have actually increased more than fourfold in the previous 10 Jahre.

    The peak season is April to October, though they are active throughout the year.

    How can I find the signs of Lyme Disease?

    BBC News Bild copyright Lyme Disease Action
    Bildbeschreibung An unique rash called erythema migrans typically establishes after the tick bite
    • In around two-thirds of cases, a distinct rash called erythema migrans will establish in the days to weeks that follow the tick bite
    • It is typically formed like a bullseye, however not in all cases, and some people will have a number of instead of one
    • Flu-like signs are another strong sign of Lyme illness
    • Facial palsy prevails in kids
    • Others might experience tingling or feeling numb in parts of the body and, seldom, extreme headaches
    • If you get these signs and have actually likewise been bitten by a tickor been out in a tick hotspotthen it deserves speaking to your
    • If left neglected, early localised Lyme can assault the nerve system and trigger incapacitating neurological issues
    • jedoch, if you get timely antibiotic treatment, it can effectively deal with the illness and avoid additional disease

    Source: BBC Trust me I’m a Doctor

    A World Cup winner in 2003, Dawson played 77 times for England and made 7 looks for the Irish and british .

    Matt stated he was floored by his medical diagnosis: “I ‘d become aware of Lyme illness previously. It was something I ‘d constantly related to locations abroad, on the continent, im , anywhere there were deer.

    There’s no other way that I would’ve strolled through a wood or a forest with my kids and returned house and idea, ‘right, I’ll simply look for some ticks simply to make sure whatever is great’. I simply would not have actually thought about that.

    How you get Lyme illness

    Ticks can be discovered in locations with thick or deep plant life.

    They’re typical in forest and heath locations, however can likewise be discovered in parks or gardens.

    People who trek and camp in such locations are at danger of getting bitten.

    Ticks do not fly or leap, however get on to your clothing or skin if you brush versus something they’re on. They then bite into the skin and begin to feed upon your blood.

    Chris Packham Bild copyright Lyme Disease Action

    It’s believed just a little percentage of ticks bring the germs that trigger Lyme illness, so being bitten does not imply you’ll certainly be contaminated.

    Pets can likewise bring ticks house in their fur.

    Source: NHS Choices

    Matt Dawson has actually now signed up with forces with The Big Tick Project, which plannings to raise awareness about the risks of ticks and tick-borne illness in the UK.

    Tied to scientists at , the job has actually carried out the biggest ever research study of ticks in canines. They studied 14,000 pet dogs from 1,400 veterinarians throughout the UK and discovered nearly one-third were bring a tick.

    is dealing with the job to raise awareness amongst animal owners and veterinarians:

    It is actually essential that family pet owners comprehend how they can treat their family pets for ticks and decrease the threat of the more spread of these terrible, possibly unsafe and incapacitating illness to the UK,” er erklärte.

    The journey to healing

    After numerous heart operations and 18 months of treatment, Matt not has the illness.

    But it still impacts his life: “I’m still on medication and its going to take a great deal of time for the heart to completely recuperate.

    This is not something that must be taken a look at like, ‘oh it’s just a tick, a tick is a bit like a flea, its fine!‘,” er erklärte.

    These ticks bring some actually rather powerful, major germs and they can trigger you a great deal of issues. Raising awareness of them is necessary.

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    Bildbeschreibung Matt, seen here with his household, has actually needed to alter the method he works out
    Matt Dawson

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