Im Weltraum verloren: Verschmutzungsschutz Beutel schwimmt von Astronauten bei ISS Außenbordeinsatz entfernt

    United States astronauts were midway through their objective to prepare a docking port for upcoming industrial area taxis when they lost a bag of devices

    EIN 1.5 m (5ft) particles guard being set up on the science/international--station" data-link-name="im" body link" class="u-underline"> has actually drifted away throughout a spacewalk by 2 seasoned United States astronauts.

    Peggy Whitson, who ended up being the worlds most skilled female spacewalker throughout the trip, informed ground control groups that a bag including the particles guard drifted away at about 10am EDT/1400 GMT on Thursday.

    Damals, Whitson, 57, and station leader Shane Kimbrough, 49, had to do with midway through a prepared 6.5-hour spacewalk to prepare a docking port for upcoming industrial area taxis and to take on other upkeep jobs.

    It was the 8th spacewalk for Whitson, who exceeded the 50-hour, 40-minute record overall cumulative spacewalk time by a female astronaut formerly held by astronaut Sunita Williams.

    Cameras on the station tracked the particles guard bag as it cruised into the range. Nasa stated engineers identified it positioned no security hazard to the astronauts or to the center, a $100bn lab that flies about 250 miles (402 km) above Earth.

    No other information were right away offered about how the guard, which weighs 8 kg, was lost.

    Teams are concentrated on finishing the (spacewalk) and will evaluate the occasions as they unfolded after it is finished, Nasa spokesperson Dan Huot composed in an e-mail.

    Whitson and Kimbrough were dealing with a docking port that will become utilized by area taxis being established by Boeing and independently owned Space Exploration Technologies.

    The set up 3 other particles guards throughout their spacewalk and fitted a short-lived cover over the docking port where the lost guard would have gone.

    While not an ideal fit, the cover will assist secure the station from effects and supply thermal protecting, Nasa stated.

    Spacewalkers periodically lose little products like screws and nuts, however hardly ever do big things escape. When an astronaut lost hold of her tool bag while having a hard time with a jammed solar panel, the last such celebration was in 2008.

    The lost particles guard will become drawn back into Earths environment and burn up. Up until then, it signs up with more than 21,000 other pieces of orbiting garbage and particles that huge enough to be tracked by radar and cams in the world.