Kanye Tweets Admiration For Emma Gonzalez, But She Isn’t Having It

    Parkland, , school shooting survivor and activist Emma Gonzalez deflected online appreciation from Kanye West to make her own declaration about guts.

    Das Donald Trump supporting rap artist sent 2 homage tweets about Gonzalez over the weekend, calling her hisheroand motivation.

    Gonzalez, the March for Our who has actually led a renewed cry for weapon control after a massacre left 17 dead at her Florida high school in February, did not straight react to West.

    Stattdessen, she composedmy heroon a tweet just like West’ s, just Gonzalez called James Shaw Jr. It was Shaw who deactivated and dealt with Waffle House mass shooting suspect while he was refilling his weapon in an April 22 attack in , avoiding additional bloodshed.

    Wenn du’ re questioning why Gonzalez has rapidly end up being a popular voice for modification, her newest social networks maneuver is a respectable example.