Illegale Hautaufhellungscreme in Geschäften verkauft

    Arlene Dihoulou
    Bildbeschreibung YouTubers Mariam Omotunde and Arlene Dihoulou utilized skin-lightening cream when they were more youthful, without understanding about the health repercussions

    High Street stores that were prosecuted for offering unlawful skin-whitening creams are continuing to do so, the BBC has actually discovered.

    Trading Standards acknowledgedit’s a truly huge issueand more might be done to manage the market.

    Substances consisting of hydroquinone and mercury are prohibited from being offered non-prescription in the UK as they can trigger liver, nerve and foetal damage.

    But an absence of information and resources is making the issue difficult to take on.

    A previous BBC examination exposed the prohibited cosmetics were being offered throughout the UK.

    Trading Standards is accountable for taking the creams and prosecuting services that offer them. It appears founded guilty store owners are undeterred by these fines, and are continuing to offer the items.

    Undercover reporters went to 17 stores throughout , Leeds, und to see the number of prohibited items they might acquire. 6 of these stores had actually been formerly prosecuted for offering the creams.

    An overall of 13 stores were discovered to offer items including unlawful compounds.

    Of the prosecuted stores, 4 from the 6 resold prohibited items.


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    Medien caption Undercover reporters acquiring a prohibited skin-whitening item

    was fined £ 1,400 as well as £ 1,040 of legal expenses in October 2017. She offered skin-bleaching items at her TM Cosmetics in Moston, Greater Manchester. Fifty-one items in her store included hydroquinone.

    Before being prosecuted, Ms Chucks had actually been cautioned by Trading Standards for importing comparable kinds of items through .

    But regardless of fines and cautions, das has undercover video footage of her still offering a skin-whitening cream.

    Bildbeschreibung Funbeaut-A is was offered to undercover BBC press reporters in a store in Manchester. It includes hydroquinone, which can not be offered non-prescription in the UK

    Ms Chucks confessed to an undercover scientist that she utilized the item herself. She declared she did unknown it was unlawful, in spite of hydroquinone being noted as a component on package.

    The Nigeria-manufactured itemFunbeaut-A – bestand aus 3% hydroquinone, which is more than the greatest medication consisting of hydroquinone accredited for prescription by UK physicians.

    In Manchester, a flexibility of info demand (FoI) exposed Ms Chucks was the only store owner to be prosecuted in 2017-18 for offering skin-whiteners, in spite of BBC scientists discovering restricted compounds in other Manchester stores.

    Ms Chucks declined our ask for an interview.


    ‘I would have lost my life

    Manchester Airport

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    Medien caption utilized the items for more than 10 Jahre. She was hospitalised for a week from the results

    Safi George utilized numerous prohibited High Street purchased whitening cosmetics every day for 10 Jahre. She invested more than £ 200 a month purchasing creams.

    Scared to inform her due to the fact that of the taboo surrounding these creams, Safi suffered in silence.

    She was ultimately hospitalised for a week for severe scarring and burning.

    I would have lost my life,” sie erklärt.

    It’s like taking drugs. It’s hard to inform somebody to stop smoking cigarettes, stop drinking, stop taking drugs.

    Safi was so ashamed about her usage of skin-lightening creams that she started to treat her own scars, and did not look for medical help.

    Her sibling Tutu stated: “When I saw her she was entirely a white lady.

    All her stomach and all her hands were total blisters. We went to A&E and they put her on prescription antibiotics it was so bad.

    The creams have actually left her with long-term scarring, and she believes they are too easily offered.

    If you can simply show [skin whiteners] in a store, I can simply go there, [even] a 10-year-old, can choose it up and spend for it, that makes you believe it’s legal.


    South London YouTubers Arlene Dihoulou and Mariam Omotunde utilized the skin-whitening creams when they were teens.

    They had no concept the items they were utilizing were unlawful.


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    Medien caption Arlene, 22, utilized unlawful items when she was more youthful without understanding

    Arlene began utilizing the treatments at the age of 16 due to the fact that she wished tosuit”.

    I utilized to take a look at my skin as truly unsightly.

    I simply wished to be preferable”.

    Mariam, 22, went to a regional store to buy the creams. She did not check out the components, however simply selected the items based upon the skin colour of the woman on the bottle, presuming they were safe to utilize.

    Both women stopped utilizing the items prior to they had harmful health repercussions, however were stunned the prohibited items were offered so honestly in the stores.

    Mariam included: “Don’t they have individuals who come check what you’re offering? The guidelines certainly aren’t doing their tasks if this is so easily offered.

    We have the sugar tax now, since individuals see weight problems as a huge thing. A reason for that is carbonated beverages. Now the costs are greater and the sugar is less.

    So in the very same method, this is something that has to be extremely kept an eye on and managed, due to the fact that individuals can pass away from these creams.

    Despite the harmful impacts of the treatments, the BBC was informed there isno main collection of informationon the variety of prosecutions, seizures or allegations throughout the nation, leading to an absence of comprehending about the scale of the problem.

    Trading Standards officer Cenred Elworthy stated that some traders do stop offering the items after being prosecuted, although the BBC has contrary proof to this. Er erklärte “secondary culprits are typically not offering things that are blatantly, certainly loaded with unlawful items”.

    Elworthy confessesno-one has in fact served prison time for offering themin spite of being captured still offering the prohibited items while serving a suspended sentence.

    He recommended the market might be much better controlled throughon-the-spot finesfor services offering the skin-whitening items, and clearer sentencing standards.

    According to Mr Elworthy, Trading Standards might do more store sees and seizures, however it has a hard time to after a 40% cut in resources over the previous 10 Jahre.

    He thinks a group of 50 zu 60 enforcers would be needed in London alone to deal with the problem.

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