Er gerade das College und will ein Astrophysiker sein. Oh, und er ist 11


    ()He can’t vote. He’s not even old enough to drive. Aber already has a college degree.

    I am totally fascinated by William and the work that he has done,” DR. Tonjua Williams, President of St. Petersburg College, erzählte CNN affiliate Bay News 9.He’s extremely brilliant, very open and collaborative.
    William started college in 2016 after graduating high school at age of 9. His parents say he was always on thefast track.By the age of 2 he was doing simple math and by 4 he learned algebra.
      Everybody has gifts from God. I was gifted with knowledge and science and history,” William told CNN affiliate WFTS.
      So what’s next? He plans to continue his education and will begin classes next month at the University of South Florida.
      I want to be an astrophysicist,” William told CNN affiliate Bay News 9.I want to prove to the world that God does exist through science.
      His goal is to complete his doctorate by the time he’s 18the age many people are when they begin college.

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