Guardians Of The Galaxy Director Offers $100,000 If Trump Will Step On A Scale

    James Gunn , of the 2 “ Guardians of the Galaxy ” Filme, is using$ 100,000 if Donald Trump will step on a scale.

    Gunns uncommon proposal came hours after medical professional stated on Tuesday that the president was 6′ 3 ″ and weighed 239 Pfund , or one pound shy of the level that would be thought about overweight.

    The filmmaker and other Trump critics didnt purchase it. Buffooning Trumps participation in the exposedbirtherconspiracy theory that declared President Barack Obama wasnt born in the , users produced the ## AAAAA href=”https://.com/hashtag/Girther?src=tren” target =”_ blank”> Girther hashtag to question Jacksons claims.

    Some even required to see Trump’ s ## AAAAA href=”” target =”_ blank”> GirthCertificate .

    Gunns bounty echoed Trumpf ’ s 2012 deal of$5 million to charity if Obama would launch his college records. When asked exactly what charity Trumpmay choose, Gunn responded:

    Gunn made it clear that his deal wasnt about body-shaming the president:

    For great step, Gunn likewise shared pictures of others for contrast, including this one:

    Not remarkably, the #Girther hashtag started to trend on Twitter: