Game Of ThronesFinal Season Won’t Air Until 2019!

    You believed the drought in between seasons 6 und 7 was rough, Game of Thrones Fans? Prepare for the longest dry spell!

    Am Donnerstag, HBO exposed the last and 8th season will not be airing till 2019, validating it would be moving at a glacial, George R.R. Martin rate for the rest of production.

    This news should not come as a substantial shock, trotz dessen, as the last season is anticipated to occur over 8 months.

    Production on the last 6 (most likely Mountain-sized) episodes started in October and will supposedly go through August 2018 a complete YEAR after the season 7 ending. Seems like it will be well worth the wait!

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    No particular best date was exposed in the premium network’s brief release, which noted the directors, authors, and manufacturers included with the staying episodes.

    Showrunners David Benioff und D. B. Weiss will compose and direct the episodes. Other authors consist of Dave Hill und Bryan Cogman , who is likewise a developer among the Thrones prequel series presently being established at HBO.

    Damit, exactly what are fans of the program to do in the meantime ? For beginners, you now have time to check out the books

    [Bild mittels HBO ]


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