French waiter says firing for rudeness is ‘discrimination against my culture

    Guillaume Rey submitted a grievance after being dismissed from a dining establishment for being aggressive, ill-mannered and disrespectful

    A French waiter fired for beingaggressive, impolite and ill-manneredstates his behaviour wasn’t out of linehe’s simply French.

    Guillaume Rey, who operated at a Vancouver dining establishment on Kanada ‘s Pacific coast, submitted a problem with British Columbia’s Human Rights Tribunal versus his previous company, declaringdiscrimination versus my culture”.

    The dining establishment, run by Cara Operations, implicated Rey of breaking its standard procedure and stated he continued his habits regardless of written and spoken efficiency evaluations.

    In declaring discrimination Rey stated French culture simplyhas the tendency to be more meaningful and direct”.

    He owes his sacking to hisdirect, expert and sincere character”, which he got while training in France’s hospitality market.

    Both celebrations concur Rey carried out well at his task regardless of his presumably disagreeable manner.

    The dining establishment and its moms and dad business had actually tried to dismiss the grievance however tribunal member Devyn Cousineau rejected that application, clearing the course for a yet unscheduled hearing.

    She stated the application’s rejection need to not be viewed as an indicator of the case’s result.

    Mr Rey will need to discuss exactly what it has to do with his French heritage that would lead to behaviour that individuals misinterpret as an offense of work environment requirements of appropriate conduct,” she composed in her choice.

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