Französisch Beamte Reveal neue Details über Anthony Bourdain Hotelzimmer & Todesursache

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    French authorities have actually simply launched a couple of brand-new,

    Beyond that, das Gleichfalls verified that Bourdain passed away in the restroom of his hotel by suicide, which the travel TELEVISION host utilized the belt from his bath as the gadget to hang himself.

    Bourdain’s body is now going through toxicology tests; authorities wish to know if the Parts Unknown host was on any medications, drugs, or alcohol at the time of his death.

    But the greatest news has to do with that hotel space and the belt utilized in the hanging as it appears to verify exactly what was easily evident from the start: Bourdain, Unglücklicherweise, passed away by suicide.


    [Image through Apega/ WENN ]

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