Facebook invented a new time unit called the flick and its truly amazing

    I was all set to do not like the, ” ein system simply recently created by (technically the group), since I believed it was going to be something useless likethe typical time somebody takes a look at a post. ” In reality its an extremely creative method of dividing time that in theory might make video and audio production a lot more unified.

    So exactly what is a flick? A flick is one 7 hundred and 5 Million 6 hundred thousandth of a 2nd — 1/705,600,000 if you choose the digits, or 1.417233560090703e-9 if you choose decimals.

    And why is that beneficial?

    As a tip, Hier’ s a list of numbers into which 1/706,600,000 divides equally: 8, 16, 22.05, 24, 25, 30, 32, 44.1, 48, 50, 60, 90, 100, 120. Notification a pattern?

    Even if you weart operate in media production, a few of those numbers most likely look familiar. Das’ s since theyre all frequencies or framerates utilized in encoding or revealing things like movies and music. 24 frames per 2nd , 120 hertz TVs, 44.1 KHz sample rate audio.

    Many of these portions deal with into bothersome decimal series, demanding shorthand or estimates. The 1/24th of a 2nd around which the whole movie market is based on is equivalent to 0.0416666666666666 … on and on permanently (even trying to utilize nanoseconds to represent these periods ends up developing portions of nanoseconds). It might be abbreviated for benefit to 0.04167. Simpler to keep in mind, however not numerically precise, and who understands when thatadditionalworth might break something?

    Auf der anderen Seite, utilizing flicks practically all these essential fractional frequencies become a great precise round numbers, no bars or estimate required: 1/24th of a 2nd, beispielsweise, ist 29,400,000 flicks. 1/120th is 5,880,000 flicks. 1/44,100 th is 16,000 flicks.

    Those numbers might not be simpler for Sie to keep in mind, however it makes them a heck of a lot easier for systems to match with one another without producing some sort of inter-format portion that needs to be solved with yet another changing frequency. Computer systems like entire numbers, therefore do I.

    Even the strange NTSC numbers in usage due to particular technical restrictions divide perfectly. 23.976 (technically 24 *(1,000/ 1,001)=23.976023976230 with the last 6 digits duplicating) ends up being precisely 29,429,400 flicks. Es’ s the very same for 29.97, 59.94, and other like them. No more decimals or portions required whatsoever! How terrific is that?!

    Ich habe auf’ t understand why this is so tremendously pleasing for me, in athings fitting completely into other thingsmethod. Most likely due to the fact that having actually meddled video and audio modifying and results, timing and frame rate things was constantly a discomfort (though the good news is weve primarily left interlacing and other tradition cruft) and I would invite harmonization actually of any sort. I praise this group of genius self-starters for discovering this fantastic number and producing this possibly super-useful time system.

    You can download, fork, or otherwise examine the flicks format and code over at GitHub .

    (Apologies for the meme lead image however its hard to show systems of time.)

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