Donald Trump’s face on a stack of newspapers becomes the subject of a hilarious Photoshop battle

    President Donald has actually constantly been a popular topic on Reddit’s r/PhotoshopBattles. Because you cannot look anywhere without seeing an image of his face someplace, the appeal used off a bit.

    But on Friday, recompensor suri09 sent an older image from a stack of German papers from last May .

    Bild: reddit

    The fold of the paper and stack make it look as though Trump had a huge mouth, and was the best topic for some excellent olPhotoshopping.

    As constantly, das wizards of Reddit provided.

    Edvard Munch’s The Scream was the clear winner.

    Of course weird John Travolta was appeared for excellent step.

    Then there was approval to Scream.

    This GIF from As _ a_Londoner was simply directly excellent.

    This one was a bit more subtle.

    Trump was discarded into other masterpieces.

    The male does enjoy junk food.

    Ehrlich, this is fitting.

    Check out the remainder of the quality’stores on Reddit .