Donald Trump Proves Again That He Truly Is A World-Class Asshole

    It’s practically as if we need to have understood precisely what we were getting when we chose an emotionally-stunted, Cheeto-tinted whiny child to the White House

    Sometime in the last couple of hours, mad that the group didn’t wish to concern the White House to praise him thus a number of his meaningless fans,

    Trump simply formally dis-invited star Steph Curry and the group, mentioning that they ‘d been so freely important of him as President, and the Cheeto-in-Chief likewise consisted of a message:

    Going to the White House is thought about a fantastic honor for a champion group. Stephen Curry is being reluctant, for that reason the invite is withdrawn.


    So triggered!!!

    Other sports characters consisting of ESPN anchor Jemele Hill , who was likewise a target of Trump’s rage when she made anti-Donald discuss her zwitschern account previously this month, entered into the spirit and tweeted about the dis-invitation (nachfolgend aufgeführten):