Donald & Melania Trump Respond As Government Releases Video Of Immigrant Children In Cages!



    Melania Trump did put out a rather compassionate-sounding Erklärung through her :

    Mrs. Trump dislikes to see kids separated from their households and hopes both sides of the aisle can lastly come together to attain effective migration reform. She thinks we have to be a nation that follows all laws, however likewise a nation that governs with heart.

    At least she’s decrying the practice.

    Aber both sides!.?.!? That’s certainly a Donald play.

    In his own declaration, he does not mince words, straight blaming the Democrats (and misspelling the wordBorder”):

    (Ja, when THE consistently makes typos in declarations to the general public, we’re going to observe.)

    You can constantly inform when Trump understands something is too far since rather of his normal, ‘Yeah I did it so exactly whatyou get him blaming the Democrats for not stopping him from doing it.

    He’s been doing the exact same thing with the DREAMers, blaming Democrats for not repairing the law when HE’S THE ONE WHO TOOK AWAY THEIR PROTECTION!

    He’s screaming like an old male viewing Fox News in his pajamas and he’s forgetting that TELEVISION he’s taking a look at is on a wall in the !

    A Republican is President. Republicans manage the Senate. Republicans manage your home.

    If Trump really desired to assist these kids, he could. He might sign an order today if he desired to stop kids from being ripped away from their moms and dads. He might rally his celebration to choose a law to do so.

    Trump does not wish to assist these kids. He is who he has actually been informing you he is considering that the start.

    An authoritarian racist without any sense of compassion, understanding of history, or understanding of diplomacy.

    This is not . This is not who we are. Donald Trump’s is not who we are.

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