Cowboys planen Jason Garrett mit Sean Payton an einem gewissen Punkt ersetzen?

There’s a continuous theory that the are considering Saints train as the eventual substitute for , gemäß of Pro Football Talk. Certainly, there are a number of obstructions and also issues associated with such a plan, consisting of Payton’s contract with , which goes through 2020. Garrett is an ineffective duck heading into 2019, as well as the team does not prepare to provide him an expansion between currently as well as the loss. Of training course, Garrett’s task has actually remained in risk previously, and he could easily turn points about with a huge season in . If the Cowboys are without a doubt interested in Payton, after that this would not be the initial time another team has attempted to tear him away. The Colts as well as Rams apparently discovered the concept in January 2017, however Payton ended up staying in New Orleans. Here’s more from the : The Eagles might be wanting totag as well as trade , but Folesreps ought to be prepared to combat any attempt to obstruct his course to the free market,