Chris Cuomo Tells Off Kellyanne Conway über Trump Lügen: ‚Zum Fox für diese’

    CNN’ s Chris Cuomo and White House therapist Kellyanne Conway had another fight on TELEVISION Thursday night over President Donald Trump , Michael Cohen , Stormy Daniels , NFL demonstrations, opioids, the economy, the nature of reality , the meaning of a lie and more.

    As in their previous fights, das 2 argued, disturbed, spoke over each other and did a great deal of this:

    At one point, Conway implicated CNN of interfering in the 2016 governmental election by replaying the notorious Access Hollywood grabem by the pussy tape and withcounterfeit ballot. ”

    You were a first-rate reporter. You utilized to go to airplane crash websites and coverwar and starvation, ” Conway scolded.

    I go now, ” Cuomo stated.

    “ Nein, you wear ’ t, ” Conway stated.

    I went to Helsinki and saw among the most humiliating things I ’ habe in meinem ganzen Leben gesehen, ” Cuomo stated, describing Trumps top with Russian President Vladimir Putin where the president chose not to condemn Moscow for interfering in the United States election.

    Much of the argument focused around Cuomo trying to obtain Conway to confess that Trump lied when he stated he didnt understand about his previous lawyers$ 130,000 payment to a pornography star prior to the 2016 election. Daniels declared she had an affair with Trump 10 years previously, and the cash was for her silence.

    But Conway wouldnt bite and required Cuomo provideregardto the president.

    The reality matters, ” Cuomo stated, keeping in mind the various declarations Trump has actually made on the matter. “ The reality ishe lied about this. You men must own it and move on. ”

    At another point, Conway grumbled that Cuomo wouldnt let her speak.

    “ Sie ’ re shutting me down, ” sie erklärt, and implicated him of being sexist.

    Nobody can shut you down, ” he shot back. “ We both understand that. ”

    Cuomo stated he needed to disrupt her due to the fact that she wouldnt inform the reality.

    “ ich kann ’ t let you state things that arent real. Das ’ s not exactly what this program has to do with, &rdquo

    ; er erklärte. “ Das ’ s Fox. You go to Fox for that. ”

    When it was over, “ CNN Tonighthost Don Lemon summarized the exchange: “ I can not get that 20 minutes of my life back. ”