AWKWARD! Watch Sean Hannity Keep Getting Corrected By Shep Smith In New Supercut

    Fox News hosts Shep Smith und Sean Hannity are typically worlds apart, with Smith utilizing his broadcast to fix a few of the claims Hannity has actually made on his.

    Earlier this year, Smith grumbled that the networks viewpoint hosts, such as Hannity, “ tragen ’ t truly have guidelines . ”

    Some of our viewpoint programs exists strictly to be amusing , ” Smith informed Time publication. “ I get that. I weart work there. Ich würde nicht ’ t work there. Ich habe auf’ t wish to relax and chew out each other and discuss your approach and my approach. ”

    Hannity was none too pleased about the dig.

    While Shep is a pal with politicalviews I do not share, and excellent at breaking news, he is unaware about exactly what we do every day , ” Hannity fired back.

    Media Matters developed a supercut of Hannity making incorrect claims and Smith opposing him on Fox News.

    Check it out above.