Atlassians HipChat und Stride abgebrochen werden, mit Slack die IP aufkaufen

    , the office chat app that held the throne prior to war , is being stopped. Being ceased is Atlassian’s own prospective HipChat replacement, Stride.

    News of the discontinuation concerned our attention from a rather unexpected source: . In a series of tweets, Butterfield states that Slack is buying the IP for both items tomuch better assistance those users who decide to moveto its platform.

    Butterfield likewise keeps in mind that will be making asymbolically essential however little financial investmentin Slackmost likely an excellent relocation, considered that reports of a Slack IPO have actually been swirling (though Butterfield states it will not occur this year ). Getting a pre- investment into Slack may wind up settling for Atlassian much better than attempting to continue contending.

    Atlassian VP of Product Management, Joff Redfern, verified the news in an article , calling it thefinest method forwardfor its existing clients. It’s about as genuine of an example ofif you cannot beat ’em, join ’emas you can get; even Atlassian’s own workers will be moved over to utilizing Slack.

    According to an FAQ about the modification, Stride and HipChat’s last day will be February 15th, 2019 or a bit shy of 7 months from the date of the statement. If you’re a consumer on either one of those platforms, you’ve got time to figure things out.

    It does not seem like any of Atlassian’s other items will be impacted here; Bitbucket, Jira, and so on will continue, with just the business’s real-time interactions platforms being shuttered.

    Hipchat was introduced in beta kind back in 2009, long prior to Slack’s launching in 2013. It primarily ruled its area in the time between, leading Atlassian to obtain it in March of 2012. Slack rapidly outgrew it in appeal however, for myriad factorsbe it a larger suite of third-party combinations, a much better credibility for uptime, or well, much better marketing. By September of 2017, Atlassian upgraded its chat platform and rebranded it as wie “Stride, however it was never ever able to rather overtake Slack’s momentum.

    Aktualisieren: Headline modified to clarify that while HipChat and Stride sind being closed down, it’ll occur under Atlassian’s oversight. Slack will be obtaining the IP, however not taking any functional function in the items.

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