Künstler Halten Illustrating Alltag mit seiner Frau, Und wir erhalten schließlich das Paar sehen Hinter den Comics

    Yehuda Adi Devir (formerly Hier , Hier , und Hier ) is a Tel-Aviv-based illustrator who understands ways to take pleasure in the little things. The comic artist and character designer develops cute comics about his day-to-day experiences with his spouse, and they completely explain their romantic relationship.

    I believe the factor individuals like One of those days Due to the fact that they determine with it and relive the gorgeous [” so much is minutes] that was very important parts of forming their own relationship, ” Yehuda informed Bored Panda . “ Viewers see their life through One of those daysand feel that they are not aloneThere are other individuals someplace on the planet who are much like them, who experience ups and downs in their relationships [] and it offers [Sie] a sense of significance.

    There are, trotz dessen, styles that wont appear in the series. Ever. “ Politics! It has no location in the comics. Among One of those daysobjectives is to bring individuals together, not keep them apart.

    Maya is an artist herself and works together with her partner on the series. “ Usually after something fascinating

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    For those questioning how the artist and his spouse appears like in reality they developed theseBirthday uniqueillustrations:



    I selected the most gorgeous flower in the garden! ”

    comic artist and character designer

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