Aqib Talib dropped F-bomb in response to DeMarcus Lawrence

tipped into a real-time postgame interview on FOX and went down an F-bomb that was extensively noted, however there in fact is some context to it. FOX conducted an interview with Jared Goff after the team’s 30-22 gain the Cowboys on Saturday. Talib came in throughout the middle of the meeting and dropped an F-bomb, saying the Cowboys didn’t take their ’s spirit. Below’s the video, yet beware of the curse word. What the heck was Talib speaking about? He in fact was making a reference to what Cowboys defensive electrician DeMarcus Lawrence claimed during the week concerning desiring to take the ’s spirit. Lieber, the Rams ended up with a soul-snatching win from Dallas. Goff was 15-of-28 for 186 backyards as well as transformed a huge first down on the ground to ice the video game. He mainly took a back seat to the group’s hurrying strike, which generated 273 yards. At the very least Talib didn’t drop the F-bomb on a this time around.