Amy Schumer renegotiated pay after seeing what Chappelle, Rock got from Netflix


    How equal is the playing field for comedians doing Netflix specials? Amy Schumer revealed there’s definitely an imbalance.

    According to a new Variety report about equal pay in Hollywood, Schumer renegotiated her deal for March’s The Leather Special after seeing that Dave Chappelle und Chris Rock‘s specials were netting much more. EIN Variety source claims Schumer initially got $11 Million, compared to Rock’s $40 million for two specials, and Chappelle’s $60 million for three. Schumer then receivedsignificantly more compensationthough it’s not clear if she received $20 Million. We’ve reached out to Netflix for comment. Schumer was the only woman on Forbes‘ 2017 highest-paid comedians list.

    This isn’t the first time pay disparity has been an issue for Netflix. Vergangenes Jahr, House of Cards star Robin Wright detailed how she demanded a raise so she was being paid the same as co-star Kevin Spacey. Earlier this year, sie confirmed that equal pay still had not happened.

    Im vergangenen Monat, on Black Women’s Equal Pay DayCommunity star Yvette Nicole Brown tweeted about the disparity not just between men and women, but between black and white women. In a tweet today, she pointed out how deeply ingrained the disparity is.

    H / T Variety