All by myself: how the greatest solo film performances worked their magic

    Mit set to star in a movie that she will continue her own, we ask: exactly what can she gain from previous peaks of single-actor programs

    In Les Miserables, Anne Hathaway won an Oscar for weeping however how is she with cryo? Shes simply registered for O2 , a race-against-time film centred on a female who awakens caught in among those sci-fi hypersleep pods so precious of the Alien franchise. It seems like a juicy facility for a tense thriller O2s amnesiac lead character need to get away prior to her air supply goes out however it will likewise see Hathaway sign up with a cinematic club presently controlled by guys: motion pictures that are solo displays for one star. Exactly what could Hathaway gain from other current examples?

    Buried (2010)

    This claustrophobic scary integrates 2 of humans biggest worries: being buried alive and having no access to a phone battery charger. Entombed in an unrefined casket someplace in the Iraqi desert, Ryan Reynolds needs to attempt and liberate himself with just an ailing Blackberry to hand. Will he make the ideal call? Reynolds dials down his typical glibness in favour of intensifying panic, however much of Burieds power originates from director Rodrigo Cortss choice to remain right there in package with him. There are no cutaways to the surface area, no tension-relieving flashbacks, no whiff of fresh air or escape. It is a nightmare-inducing method, and possibly one Hathaways as-yet-unconfirmed O2 director ought to embrace.

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    There aren’t numerous laughs in Dunkirk however some wags have actually mentioned that, with his shearling-trimmed coat and face-obscuring mask, Tom Hardy appears to be privately repeating his function as Batman baddie Bane. His Spitfire captain probably has more in typical with Welsh cement wizard Ivan Locke, another professional stolidly piloting an automobile south, unsure about exactly what awaits him. Writer-director Steven Knights entirely BMW-set chamber piece turns a series of hands-free telephone call throughout a late-night freeway haul into a remarkably impacting thriller. Lockes hands might be glued to the guiding wheel, however Hardys upset eyes recommend a guy achingly adrift. The eyes have it when it comes to acting solo.

    Cast Away (2000)

    After a jolting aircraft and some scene-setting preamble crash, Robert Zemeckiss desert island survival tale absolutely nos in on Tom Hanks zum 2 entire hours. Maybe since of the love with which the Forrest Gump star is held by audiences, this Crusoe karaoke made over $400m worldwide. Most importantly, Cast Away depends upon a four-year time dive and Zemeckis stopped briefly production for a whole year so Hanks might downsize himself from doughy FedEx drone to gaunt, loincloth-wearing crusty. That might be beyond Hathaways more modestly-budgeted $10m effort, however maybe she could befriend a rolling cryo-maintenance android called W1L5ON?

    All Is Lost (2013)

    More problem at sea, with Robert Redfords private yacht quickly holed by a rogue shipping container someplace in the Indian Ocean. With his technical devices completely banjaxed, the 77-year-old unnamed sailor is absolutely becalmed however continues, even as things inexorably worsen. Without any radio, phone and even beach ball to speak to, it is an uncommonly taciturn efficiency from Redford, however the expert is fantastic at physically interacting his mariners different believed procedures as he furrows his eyebrow to improvise services to a waterfall of life-or-death issues. Less lines can indicate more effect, so possibly Hathaway ought to purchase a red pen now.

    Sinking sensation Robert Redford in All Is Lost. Bild: Sportsphoto Ltd/Allstar

    Gravity (2011)

    Alfonso Cuarns Oscar-winning orbital rollercoaster technically starred 2 heading stars: Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. After an area catastrophe, were quickly down to simply Bullock, a biomedical specialist with very little astronaut training who need to all of a sudden craft a safe return to Earth. In spite of the nominally reasonable setting, writer-director Cuarn includes dreamlike touches his electronic camera drifts through Bullocks polycarbonate visor; a crucial character all of a sudden returns and he truly nails the ending. Having making us fear for Bullock as she spins through area as an irrelevant speck, the last, Imax-ready shot renders her 50ft high. Hathaway must demand a likewise impressive ending.