ABC Chose A Total Rando As The Next Bachelor

    I got up on this great Thursday early morning, the weather condition was feeling fantastic and I was delighted not totally unpleasant to be alive. And after that fucking ABC went and destroyed it. Reports had actually been swirling for daysnay, Wochen– that Peter was going to be our next Bachelor. We got all hyped as much as see our preferred gap-toothed policy hottie look for love. Then ABC revealed the next Bachelor and it’sArie Luyendyk Jr.

    WHO ???

    Arie was apparently a runner-up on Emily Maynard’s season. And once again I ask, WHO??? She was obviously the Bachelorette, await it, FIVE FUCKING YEARS AGO. You have actually got to be fucking joking me, ABC. You had your very first black Bachelorette and were entrusted to a variety of fantastic menEric, Kenny, hell I ‘d even take fucking Dean since that would have produced rather a redemption storyand you picked some total rando from half a years back? WHY?

    Ehrlich, ABC, are you actively attempting to tank your very own program at this moment? You ‘d believe they would select individuals their audiences in fact wish to see, however I think not. I would have even taken Robby over this guya minimum of Robby as the Bachelor would have provided us a lots of memes. Und wie, seeing Robby look for a woman who might tolerate his hair care regimen might have been a fascinating story.

    Stattdessen, they needed to select this guy and go, who I will not even dignify by mentioning his name.

    ich implizieren, simply take a look at this man. Mögen, he’s great, however he sort of appear like any 40-year-old who puts his age as 35 on Bumble. Is his hair graying? Mögen, I’m all for variety choices however who actually offers a fuck about the very first old Bachelor?

    By the method, if you compare that photo above to the one ABC selected as their statement image, you can inform they picked a truly fucking old image since they are kittenfishing uns. Gut, you cannot deceive me. Get this person outta here. This man appears like he’s got a household of teens and a mad ex-wife to support.

    Fuck this. Fuck this man, fuck ABC, simply fuck all of it. Mike Fleiss has formally dissatisfied me more than any male in my life ever has.