A Breakdown Of All The Tragic Choices In Taylor Swift’sLook What You Made Me Do” Video


    Last week launched her 3rd grade fan fic lyric video for her brand-new single, “Look What You Made Me Do”. Last night at the VMAs, she launched the real video, and it’sa lot. To spare you the abuse of seeing it yourself, we’ve broken down whatever you have to understand so you can dislike on it to everybody who’ll listen as if you saw it without needing to squander over 4 minutes of your life.

    The video starts in some haunted graveyard, where we see a tombstone forTaylor Swifts Reputation. ” Sie ’ re in the best location, since things will get odd. We see a zombie variation of Taylor crawl out of the ground and after that toss some dirt into her own tomb with a shovel. The zombie makeup is in fact quite legitimate, and the contouring is next level.


    Then we see Taylor in a bath tub filled with diamonds, which appears like a quite apparent a recommendation to when got bound in a bath tub while all her precious jewelry got taken. Appears stylish to us. If she wishes to get Kimye fans on her side, she most likely shouldnt laugh atof Kims equipped break-in, simply an idea. Whatever, Taylor’ s a substantial badass who puts diamonds in her mouth.

    hair and makeup chair

    Next, we cut to Taylor resting on this substantial throne surrounded by about a million snakes, which looks like where she genuinely belongs. Wir’ re in fact extremely into the red dress/gold precious jewelry combination, however a little baffled why her hair is slicked behind her ears. Whatever, there are much even worse hairdos to come.

    hair stylist

    When the chorus begins, we see Taylor crashing a gold automobile into a light pole, then she squirms around on the seat while presenting for professional photographers and holding a . Dort’ s likewise an actual leopard resting on the seat beside her, since shes a relatable lady. She likewise has some bangs that appear like they were cut by a 6-year-old without any arms.

    Then Taylor is on a swing in a golden cage, which is offering us Cant Be Tamedvibes, so Taylor is just like, 7 years late.

    Katy Perry

    Next, we get Taylor and her group of cat-mask using losers robbing a streaming business, due to the fact that all of us understand what does it cost? Taylor dislikes . Sie’ s using a sweatshirt that statesBLIND FOR LOVE, ” however it truly appears like her was the blind one.

    Oh, and did you understand that Taylor is likewise a leather chick? Ernst, all these appearances are, um, options, and theyre offering us whiplash. After bicycle rider, we see her in a dominatrix clothing, makings us VERY unpleasant.

    But then we get to the part thats currently been memed a thousand times, when Taylor and her army of unfortunate gays attempt to reenact theFormation ” Video. It appears like Taylor left a perm consultation midway through, and the resulting mop on her head is seriously abhorrent. Her background dancers are using crop tops that state “ich <<3 TS,"since somebody offscreen was pointing a weapon to their heads they truly simply like Taylor and NOT !

    Kim Kardashian

    The last huge part of the video is the parade of Taylors biggest hits, provided in visual kind. Truthfully props to her for being in the to recreate all those various appearances, we simply want completion result wasnt so meh. New Taylor is using a sparkly leotard that statesRep, ” and her hair is, once again, slicked behind her ears, however like shaggy and damp this time.

    Taylor then teases herself like she never ever has previously, having all her old personalities state shit from years past, all which she would most likely still state today if her edgy rebrand didnt depend on it. Mögen, Taylor, Sie können’ t make a joke about how you constantly utilized to play a victim when youre still playing a victim. Lady, nobody made you do anything, you put out this shitty tune all on your own.

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