8 Gründe Hummus ist die eine Sache, die Sie Ihre Wellness-Routine sollte hinzufügen

6. lasts a while before going bad.

Ehrlich, no one knows. It’s always eaten before it gets to that point. Ernst, obwohl, if you’re away on vacation or something, and you come back to a half-eaten tub of hummus, you can tell if it’s gone bad if it has a sour smell.

typisch, fresh hummus should last three days covered in the fridge, but it will taste better if you eat it right after you make it. For commercial brand hummus, just check the best by date on the container.

7. Hummus is good to eat if you’re feelingunder the weather.

Hummus is perfect if you’re feeling sick. Its relatively bland taste will go down easy on some crackers or toast. And its gentle ingredients won’t upset your stomach. The fiber will help keep your hunger at bay until you’re feeling up to eating a complete meal, and the protein will help you get stronger faster.